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NOTE:  If booking an appointment for eyelash extensions please read below: 
Preparation for Eyelash Extensions Appointment.

Because of the amount of time involved in lash extension sessions, it's crucial that some things are done before your appointment:
  •  Please, remove ALL eye makeup by using a gentle, non-oil-containing cleanser. Eye makeup affects the adhesive bond and reduces the longevity of your lashes. If makeup is not removed, a lash bath is required. ($15 fee)
  • If you wear contact lense, please remove them, you can put them back in after your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. A blanket is available if you're feeling cold.
  • To ensure you're comfortable during your session, be sure to go to the restroom before your lash session begins.
  • Do not apply facial creams or sunblock on or around the eye area being treated. Moisturizers contains oils that can prevent adhesives from bonding to the natural lashes and shorten the lifespan of the lash extensions.
  • DO NOT WEAR MASCARA on your lash extensions. Taking off the mascara is time consuming and can obstruct the effectiveness of the extensions applied.
  • Silence your phone. Put your phone on silent mode during the extension application. Communication in the treatment location is not advised because precision is required in the process. Feel free bring your headphones and listen to audio or just rest and enjoy your  2 hour nap.
  • If you currently have on lash extensions from a previous technician, please schedule a removal service on your first visit. It's best to prevent the harm that comes with mixing different adhesives with others technicians.
  • What you should expect during your session?  An analysis of your natural lashes.  Lash length and fullness is discussed and determined based on the health of your natural lashes. Medical grade tape will be used around the eye area and during the procedure. You are expected to lay still during the entire procedure (nap time) Depending on which service is being performed each session can last between 90-180 minutes for full sets and fills.



Are your eyebrows droopy, over-plucked, sparse, uneven or perhaps you don’t like the shape? Are you tired of penciling in your eyebrows every morning? This treatment is ideal for those who continually need to use a brow pencil for patchy or non-existent eyebrows. Now our Semi Permanent 3D Hair Strokes Eyebrows" and "Powder Shadow Mist Eyebrows" can provide you with fantastic brow definition and replicate your favourite style, replacing the long term daily efforts of drawing them on.
We can re-design elements of your brows or create a full pair of eyebrows emit vitality and youth looking shape to better suit your appearance. Eyebrows correctly placed can give the impression of a mini face lift and make eyes appear more bigger, giving our face a youthful appearance. This can help without under the knife or beauty injection.

Eyebrows Techniques

Re-construct and enhance sparse or over-tweezed eyebrows with semi-permanent eyebrows. We will create a soft powdered effect (penciled in effect) or a more defined 3D hair-stroke brow effect, depending upon your desired look and what will best suit your features. Worried that you might not like the design in years to come? With this in mind we will never tattoo an eyebrow that is “in fashion” or“trending” at the time. We will draw a shape on that suits you as an individual, but if you decide you want them thicker, thinner longer,shorter etc, we will adjust to suit your preference. Assessing your brow bone and the shadow of your natural brow hairline is key, as this is your natural eyebrow, your individual shape that never goes out of fashion.
There are three kinds of eyebrows techniques applied:
MicroBlading / 3D Hair strokes method: 
Forget hard, flat and unnatural! The 3D Hair Strokes Eyebrows is the latest hair-simulation technique for beautifully natural-looking eyebrows! individual hairs which mimic real brow hairs are meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair, creating a softly feathered effect. The result is beautifully natural, on trend eyebrows that are totally flattering to the whole face. Con: Microblading fades a little quicker, and will need more touch ups.
Ombre' / Shading/ Powdered Eyebrows: 
Perfect for clients with oily skin. For a more subtle, soft pencil or powder shadow effect through the brows, this type of powdered method gives a similar effect created with an eyebrow powder, infusing color to create the perfect brow shape giving a soft definition beneath the natural hair growth. Powdered Eyebrows do have a less defined look about them than hair strokes, and it can lack in texture comparing with 3D hair strokes. 
Combination of 3D Hair Strokes and Powdered Ombre Brow Effect:
Perfect for clients with oily skin. In the combination procedure, first the shadow is properly placed in a light brow shade followed by bolder hair strokes in a slightly darker shade. The result are brows with added dimension with a softly textured look!

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Procedure 
1. Your Consultation day of your semi permanent eyebrows treatment, we will carefully analyze your features and coloring, and review your requirements and expectations. Our priority is that you are comfortable and satisfied before commencing treatment, your eyebrow shape will firstly be a drawing  to illustrate the effect to be achieved by conventional make-up pencil based on your natural facial dimensions, then slowly and carefully, with your interaction, these will be customized based on how you would like your new eyebrow shape vs how you wear these daily. Only when you are happy with your new shape, do we then select the suitable pigment colors based on your skin tone and hair color.
2. Your Treatment involves small tiny particles of pigment being deposited into dermal layer of your skin by using very fine needles, creating a line that replaces the need for daily application of either eyebrow pencil. For most if not all, this is not a painful procedure, you will feel vibrations on the skin from the needle not discomfort. I do appreciate everyone is different, therefore I can work on small areas at a time plus allow breaks should this be required. On average I spend 1hr 30mins - 2 hours on the actual treatment, but this can at times be slightly longer depending on your requirements. Once your treatment has ended, expect your eyebrows to look 30-50% darker, this is perfectly normal due to the color fading once they have healed, which takes 5-7 days.

3. Your Retouch is provided after 30 - 45 days of your first treatment. This is a great opportunity to analyze your eyebrows once healed. Reason for the duration in between is to ensure your skin has fully healed before treating the area once again and any minor adjustments to color or shape as initially undertaken will be made, and any imperfections corrected ensuring that your enhancement result is nothing short of perfect. A color boost is recommended 8-12 months post procedure to keep your semi permanent cosmetics enhancement looking fresh and beautiful. 

After care for semi-permanent eyebrows
The caring of healing process is a vital to complete detail to ensure the best results possible ,
I will go over the aftercare instruction with you to ensure you know what to expect after the treatment, and beyond the aftercare.
After treatment each client will receive an advice of the aftercare and written instructions. And also each client will get a free special aftercare set to heal the area treated.
Please refer to the following instruction care, if you have any inquiries and concern during the healing process, please do not hesitate to contact us (770-558-9298) at anytime during business hours.
 Daily care is to follow for at least 5 - 7 days until your procedure has fully healed.
 Recommend dry healing for the first 3 days, then apply aftercare healing cream for 5 days in twice daily using a clean cotton bud before washing your hands to prevent any cross contamination.
Do not splash water on your treated eyebrows, but can clean your face as usual routine.
 Keep hair away from treated area to prevent infection.
Allow the area to flake on its own. Some itching is normal. Do not pick, peel or scratch the treated area or the color may heal unevenly and you risk scarring and infection.
No eyebrows makeup for 3 days after the procedure, such as eyebrow tinting, waxing or laser hair removal treatments close to the brows area.
Do not expose the healing skin to direct sun, tanning bed, jacuzzi,sauna, salt water, chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water for at least 14 days.
You may experience the following symptoms for 3 days:
Dryness and itchiness in the treated area, minor swelling, redness and flaking is also possible.
Remember your selected color will be stronger and more sharply defined immediately after treatment but as the healing process occurs the color will soften and lighten.
Long term care:
Limit sun exposure. Use a sunblock. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics. Do not use facial peels on the treated area.
If you go for MRI scans, let your doctor know that you have semi-permanent makeup.