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Get amazing hair options at Scalp Pros of Atlanta. Scalp Micropigmentation is customized for each individual and last upto 10 years.  

WTF is (SMP) Scalp Micro-Pigmentation? 
Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is an non-surgical cosmetic technique of tattooing a series of tiny dots onto the scalp replicating the natural look of hair follicles. This procedure is for both men and women and is used to create the appearance of a closely shaven head or of denser, thicker head of hair. Typical cases that benefit are for pattern baldness, thinning hair, thinning edges, lining repair, hair plug scars, alopecia and skin diseases. Stop hair loss and let us improve your look with SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION (SMP)

How to schedule my Scalp Micro-Pigmentation appointment
If you are interested in the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation technique and would like a consultation, please click the link above or send us an email to include the following information:
•  Your contact information: 
•  Phone number, email address and desired style
•  Images of you: top of the head, sides and back of the head
•  If you have a time frame or a special event that you need services completed by.
•  If consultation appointments are tight, video consultations are available. Your first consultation is Free. Appointments will be set on the day of the consultation with a $100 deposit ($250 deposit for full heads). Will need at least 3 ½ hours for first time appointments SCALP PROS of ATLANTA